A Look Inside the Sketchbooks of 12 Top Designers [Slideshow] | Co.Design.

It always amazes me how different people use their sketchbooks. When I was in high school I used to fill mine up quickly with portraits and drawings and process and research but lately I’ve been using them a lot more sparsely. For the past 2 years I’ve been more inclined to sketch or draw on individual papers and then throw them away when I’m done, but that disposable way of working is not ideal when you’re doing a course with assessments.

Now what I have is part sketchbook, part notepad, part to-do list. It bothers me that there is no cohesion, and I think it’s because I’m forcing myself to use it. If only I could design a book that I could use on multiple levels in tandem, while keeping the format and chronology fluid. That is part of the reason for this blog format, but I find it lacks the tangibility that I like about sketchbooks. On the other hand, referencing things and making links (clicky and non-clicky) is harder in a book format. If only I could press ‘print’ and it would come out as some kind of living, intuitive entity.


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