These are some older sketches that I made earlier in the term. They were a little unfocused, and although I had text to go with them, I made the mistake of making the image before the text and not making them simultaneously. These newer images have gone in the other direction, in that they are mostly text-centric.

The Clyde

Kelvingrove Park



This Hill


I like the way these are going, they have more of a direction and the intent is clearer. They still need some work, and I want to bring in some more imagery for some of them. I’m a little worried that they might convey the wrong message; I love Glasgow, I just don’t understand it sometimes, which I think might be why I like it here. I hope that’s what comes through in the cards, and not a feeling of disgust.

The format has turned from a book to a box of postcards. I tried to do a screenprint run of a few of them just to see how the colours would work together, but the only place I could get was in the textile screenprinting facilities. The whole process was frustrating and a disaster, and the prints turned out horribly. Hopefully I will get a better run in the summer, and once I have all 20 cards done I’ll try again.

In the summer I’m starting a project where I make a new typeface every week and post it on a blog. Obviously they won’t be complete typefaces but I’ll chose a phrase and use the letters to make a ‘poster’. Hopefully this will continue for a year and by the end I’ll have 52 typefaces in total. I feel like my type skills are getting a little dusty, so I hope to improve them though this project. Also, it will give me something to do while I think about how to continue next term.


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